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Angels Have Wings

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Raise your roots to the heavens and achieve truly angelic hair with volumising Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash and Kevin Murphy Angel.Rinse shampoo and conditioner while also strengthening and repairing your hair. Lock in textured volume with Kevin Murphy Doo.Over dry powder spray.

This gift set includes:

  • Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH 250ml
  • Kevin Murphy ANGEL.RINSE 250ml
  • Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER 250ml

Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH
Delicate volumising shampoo transforms fine, fragile hair with a soothing blend of Green Tea Extracts and Lavender plus Hydrolysed Oat Proteins to add weightless body and volume.

Kevin Murphy ANGEL.RINSE
Antioxidant rich volumising conditioner with Mango and Cocoa Butter helps nourish and moisturise fine, dry and colour-treated hair without weighing it down.

Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER
This dry powder finishing spray in allows for natural movement, yet holds everything in just the right place. The end result is your dream ‘ doo’ with a soft, velvety finish, that smells so good you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.